Even with snow in the forecast, it's easy to see that spring is in the air - and with it comes the summer road construction season.   All told, the public works departments on the state, city, county, and township levels will see a busy season of road repairs and construction.

As the road work ramps up, the Minnesota Department of Transportation is observing National Work Zone Awareness Week - April 8-12.  The focus of the week is encouraging safe driving through highway work zones.  This years theme is "Drive Like You Work Here".

In Minnesota, road projects this summer will see more than 200 active work zones - defined by the state as any area where highway construction, maintenance, or utility work is being done.  Work zones are identified by warning signs, signals, barriers, pavement markings, and flaggers.

According to data from the Federal Highway Administration, a work zone crash happens every 5 and a half minutes.  Every day 70 work zone crashes occur that result in at least one injury.  Every week, 12 work zone crashes occur that result in at least one fatality.


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