Just in time for the changing weather - as the season marches towards winter, the summer road construction season is wrapping up.  Even with extensive COVID-19 restrictions and regulations in place, the Minnesota Department of Transportation had an extremely busy road work season - working on and completing hundreds of projects all across the state.

Locally, MNDOT was busy too.  The Minnesota Department of Transportation's District One Office encompasses the geographic area that includes the Northland.  The agency's work card included a wide variety of projects in our area - from large-scale work to smaller, maintenance-related projects.

MNDOT's District One Office is reporting that a variety of their projects have wrapped up for the season and are now fully-open for automobile traffic.  A few still have remaining items on their task-list and are in the stages of being completed.  The Minnesota Department of Transportation provides a wealth of information about the work they do on their online project page.  Click here for access to get details about these projects as well as the ones that have remaining work yet to be completed.

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Here are the projects that MNDOT's District One Office is reporting as finished - along with updated details:

MNDOT's District One Completed Projects For 2020


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