Sometimes a little red tape can be a good thing - especially if it helps save lives.  This summer, crews with the Minnesota Department of Transportation will begin a process of installing red and yellow reflective metal strips and tape at traffic signals and stop signs around the state.  The agency hopes that the low-cost installations will reap huge rewards in a reduction in vehicle crashes.

The objective is to make the signs and signals more visible at some of the high-impact intersections around the state.  Most of the applications will occur in rural areas.

MNDOT is expected to install reflective red metal strips on more than 1,000 stop sign posts - on locally-owned roads that intersect with two-lane, two-way state highways.  In addition, they'll install flourescent yellow tap at 101 traffic signal lights across the state.

Total cost for the project is expected to be around $500,000 - which is relatively low considering the number of signals, signs, and intersections that will be potentially made safer.  The project will be evaluated for effectiveness and for potential, future use at other intersections.


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