The ever-present water bottle might look a little different if a Duluth-based lawmaker has her way.  Democratic Representative Jennifer Schultz from Duluth is one of the co-authors of a bill that would ban the sale of plastic water bottles in the State of Minnesota as of January 1, 2021. Schultz joined ten other Democratic lawmakers to submit the bill at the capitol in St. Paul.

If passed, the bill would have stiff penalties for the manufacturers and for retailers at the same time; $50.00 for each bottle is the proposed penalty, with a maximum of $500.00.

According to the contents of the bill - as listed on the Minnesota Legislature website:  the affected plastic water bottles are defined as "[a] means [of]water contained in a formed or molded container that is comprised primarily of plastic resin; is sealed; and holds one gallon or less when full."  The bill also defines water to mean the product that is generally sold as "bottled water".

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