I have been reading that the players union had been dragging their feet about playing a 60 game season with playoffs, now we have an announcement.

Baseball Commissioner Rober Manfred Jr said that the 2020 regular season will be up and running in a month. Yay!!! The MLB Players union had rejected the 60 game season just yesterday but they had been in and out of the agreement all weekend long. After another talk session, they did ratify the agreement.

I am excited but I am wondering what kind of steps they are taking so that their stars are not out for a few weeks with the COVID-19. The announcement also included a plan that has MLB working with health officials and tech providers to test players many times a week. The MLB Players union was happy with the plan and ratified the season.

Here's the way it will go down. Players report to training camp on July 1st. Then the season gets underway July 23rd or 24th. According to a press release the season will be a lot of divisional play and play between opposite leagues in the same area division. Like AL East vs NL East. that way there isn't a lot of travel and teams are packed on planes and busses for a long time. The training camp will be at each team's home field.

Even at a short season, it will be exciting. There are a few players that are moving to other teams and the Twins have signed some new players.

This will also be the first year that the NL and AL will use Designated Hitters.

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