Not one of the Fox analysts picked the Minnesota Vikings to win over the Saints.

The New Orleans Saints lost the chance to go to the Super Bowl the year before with the play that brought us the no-call rule. New Orleans claimed the officials didn't call a push-off by the wide receiver that wound up being the winning play. The year before the Saints lost to the Vikings with the Minnesota Miracle.

There were a lot of similarities between this game and the Minnesota Miracle game. In the Minnesota Miracle game, MN led 20-10 going into the 4th quarter, in this game MN led 20-10. In the other game, New Orleans came back, in this game New Orleans came back. In the last two years, New Orleans lost on the last play of the game. As it turned out, New Orleans would lose this game on a walk-off touchdown.

Minnesota will move on to San Francisco next week.

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