Besides the Vikings, there are 4 games that affect the playoffs and/or the Vikings playoff chances.

There are a lot of really good games this weekend. Like the Baltimore Ravens and the Buffalo Bills, both have beaten the Patriots, so it's going to be a test for both. The biggest game is the 49ers vs the Saints at New Orleans. The Saints beat them in San Fran, but this time it's at home and the Saints might not be the same strong team they were for that game. Whoever wins may be the number one seed.
Then there's the Chiefs and the Patriots, Chiefs need to show they can beat the Pats, Neither team is as good as they were earlier this year.

Last, Seattle plays the Rams, Seattle could beat the Rams and help the Vikings. Right now the Rams are the only team that could take over the 6th seed from the Vikings.

Gonna be a fun weekend.

Here are the picks:

Dallas Cowboys    Chicago Bears
Baltimore Ravens    Buffalo Bills
Carolina Panthers     Atlanta Falcons
Cincinnati Bengals    Cleveland Browns
Denver Broncos   Houston Texans
Detroit Lions      Minnesota Vikings
Indianapolis Colts        Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Miami Dolphins        New York Jets
San Francisco 49ers        New Orleans Saints
Washington Redskins        Green Bay Packers
Los Angeles Chargers     Jacksonville Jaguars
Kansas City Chiefs      New England Patriots
Pittsburgh Steelers    Arizona Cardinals
Tennessee Titans    Oakland Raiders
Seattle Seahawks Los Angeles Rams
New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles

Total record so far 83-62

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