NFL Network's Tom Pelissero broke the news this morning that GM Rick Spielman and coach Mike Zimmer were both let go as the Minnesota Vikings appear to be doing a reset.

Most of the NFL reporters and even the game callers yesterday have been saying they thought it would be his last game yesterday. Mike Zimmer had said he wanted to be the coach that brought a Super Bowl championship to the state, but it turns out it will not happen.

GM Rick Spielman was also let go. Most people in the league had said he was good at picking talent that was not discovered by others, or that others didn't value as much and was instrumental in getting Kirk Cousins to come to Minnesota, probably the deal that got him fired as well.

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First, the news reports hit the TV and radio with sportscasters talking about the two Vikings let go then the swarm of other reports of teams letting go their coaches, shortly after it broke on the NFL channel, the Minnesota Vikings had this to say.

Mike Zimmer could see the future coming. He once made a comment that there were some big deal QBs on the market and he didn't want to go that route because they were good as a team, not as one guy.

He also made a haunting prediction, he said if they did sign a big deal, the money would have to come from his defense, then the defense would falter and he would be fired because he couldn't put together a good defense because the money wouldn't be there. So, he was fired for not doing what he was known for.

Minnesota Vikings v Los Angeles Chargers
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One thing I agree with, Mike Zimmer said he could stand tall knowing he had done his best in a news conference the other day. He took a team that was in flux and gave it some direction but never brought it to where he wanted to.

What next? Who can take this team higher? Who will take over at GM?

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