With some of the other coaches in the NFL being shown the door, Vikings Coach Mike Zimmer hasn't found the win column yet.

Could this lead to his dismissal? Skor North said early in the season they didn't think he was even close to trouble. The Wilf family knows the Vikings had to solve a cap problem and that the Vikings would be in somewhat of a rebuilding year. I think Mike is a good coach but he has a young team and had to let go of some of his big names, and he has been hit with some big names being injured.

Bleacher Report paints a much more realistic picture. This year the Wilf family knows where the team stands with the people they've had to use on the team. Some of the blame should go onto Kirk Cousins' lap. He was given an extension but still continues to fall short of the goals set for him. The other thing is they just signed Mike Zimmer to an extension in July so they don't want to back out on him.

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Bleacher Report went on to say that if this continues into next season, there could be some moves being made because it's easier to fire a coach than it is to fire players and General Managers. Having said that, I think It's a good year to fail. The teams are all losing money with no one in the stands.

If the losing continues and another losing season comes, that may make ownership want to move on from Mike Zimmer, but for now, I think he is safe too.

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