The Minnesota fishing opener is this weekend and the Minnesota State Patrol wants everyone to go home with a prize walleye caught close to home, but not a ticket.

They will be out in full force this weekend and they posted a reminder to anglers on their Facebook page:

We are increasing traffic enforcement for the fishing opener this weekend along interstates and highways leading to popular fishing areas. Follow the speed limit, buckle up, put away the distractions, drive sober and properly secure that boat or trailer you’re hauling.
One more thing: Fish close to home. By staying close to home, anglers can help limit the spread of COVID-19, and decrease the potential for added strain on local communities and health care systems.

Both the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the Minnesota State Patrol stress fishing close to home.  While some may feel this is intrusive, it's all about being considerate to other communities within the state.

Smaller communities may not have been hit hard yet by the pandemic and if people from other communities travel there, they may unwittingly bring COVID-19 along with them from their hometown.  If that happens, the smaller communities may not have the necessary medical staff or facilities to handle a surge of patients needing care.

The Minnesota State Patrol also reminds motorists to slow down this weekend and beyond.  With less traffic overall, they are noticing more people speeding excessively.  Needless to say, they will be paying close attention to the speed of traffic over the weekend.

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