Despite issuing a warning to Minnesotans earlier this month, the Minnesota State Patrol says extreme speeding is still an issue on roads amid COVID-19.

In a post on their Facebook page Monday (April 20th), the Minnesota State Patrol shared a few sobering statistics to back that up, detailing some scary encounters they've had on the roads this month.

Wow. I can not believe people are that careless while driving. As the Minnesota State Patrol mentioned in their post, this is happening in all parts of Minnesota - not just large cities.

Earlier in April, the Minnesota State Patrol issued a warning, saying they've seen a big jump in "extreme speeding" on state roads amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Judging by their latest post, this isn't getting any better.

It may seem like rules and regulations are taking a backseat right now because the world is so out of order but some of us are still traveling to and from work so it goes without saying the roads shouldn't be a free-for-all. Hopefully, people start to slow down.

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