A Minnesota mom rose to notoriety last year when she posted a quick and easy recipe on Twitter that soon went viral but for all the wrong reasons. This popped up on my Facebook feed again and I felt compelled to share it because is so outrageous!

Her original tweet has been taken down most likely due to all the haters making fun of her "delicious family meal" that she says is so easy to make. After some searching, I was able to find the original video along with another one mocking her cooking skills.

Now before you watch the video here is my take on this. Back in the day, I was a fan of Spaghetti-O's until I realized it tasted like the can and decided it was time for me to leave that stuff on the shelf. Now just SpaghettiO's alone is fine for a quick meal for the kids once in a while, but it is all the stuff she adds to it that sparks some nausea.

In the video, you can hear a young girl in the background possibly her daughter, who is filming this masterpiece and actually seems excited with the whole process. Besides all the sodium packed in those cans, she adds a ton of garlic salt and heaps of mozzarella cheese which usually makes everything better, but not in this case.

Then the ultimate, she pounds down the buttered bread with her arms before she layers it on the SpaghettiO's pie and bakes it.  We all have that weird dish our mom made that maybe we liked as a kid because we did not know any better, but if my mom would have ever made this for me, I would have rather gone hungry. Here we go check out the original video below and the bonus video of Kalen the comedian's reaction. Enjoy!

You may have seen Kalen on the Ellen Degeneres show, he landed the gig by making these videos and showing his reactions. Caution Language.

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