It is another horrible story of someone being mauled by their family dog, but this mother literally put her life on the line to save her young son. Heather Pingel of Bowler Wisconsin outside of Wausau was a mother to two young children and is being hailed as a hero by friends and family.

According to The Wausau Daily Herald: The incident occurred on December 8 when Heather was home with her son Damien, her daughter Carmen who is 5 years old was at school and her husband Shane was at his brother's house.

Heather was unable to communicate with family and the police but the family has a theory on what caused the dog to attack. Apparently, the dog was rather skittish and afraid of loud noises. The family is guessing that Damien might have fallen down and when the dog ran towards the child he may have kicked at the dog.TCHDailyNews reported, " According to the police report, the dog had been beaten by previous owners and the family took it in as a pet."

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When her husband arrived home he found Heather in the bathroom with the door shut and she yelled that she could not find Damien. He ran and found their son in the living room then quickly went back to the bathroom where the dog was attacking his wife. His son Damien survived being bitten on the leg after getting roughly 70 stitches.  Heather's injuries were horrific losing both of her arms in the attack. The husband dragged the dog outside and shot it. Heather passed away the following day.

Heather's sister Shannon Pingel. said the dog had shown some signs of aggression earlier but that Heather had a fondness for animals and her heart was so big. She thought they could fix the dog. A GoFundMe account to help the family with medical bills, funeral costs and to support Damion and Carmen  That poor family and that little boy has a long road ahead of him both physically and mentally. It is so sad how horrible humans can be to these poor animals scarring them for life, some of whom never recover from the trauma causing incidents like this to happen.

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