Two Minnesota Fisherman did some cleaning at the lake they were fishing at and were surprised how much garbage other anglers leave.

Jacob Stephani and Travis Tank held up bags of beer bottles, beer cans, pop cans, and other trash that people just left behind at Gull Lake. In a special message with the pictures on Facebook, the two men pleaded with other anglers to pick up after themselves that it seems to be getting worse.

According Jacob, they fish there 5 times a week and notices it was piling up, so the two didn't fish that day and walked around the lake and shores and picked up all the trash. They told Valley News Live that there were human waste and feminine products around and on the lake, and the worst problem was cigarette butts.

How much garbage did they pick up, according to the post, four bags, and they had to leave some of it behind because it was frozen in the ice.

Valley News Live reported they are urging anglers to be more mindful and bring along a bag or something to put your waste in and take it with you.

The two say despite their four large bags of trash, there's still a lot left buried in ice.

So what can there be more policing? The Minnesota DNR told Valley News Live that although it's difficult to catch people littering if you are caught you could be fined up to $200.


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