A recent Twitter post with a Minnesota connection has gone viral for all the right reasons. Recently Casey Feigh shared the hilarious story that this three-year-old niece had requested a Lion King cake for her birthday. That would normally seem like a quite common request, but his nice wanted a specific scene captured on the cake and this is where it gets hilariously brilliant.

It turns out, part of the movie she specifically wanted captured on her cake was the tragic moment when Mufasa falls to his death. While that may seem a bit morbid, her reasoning is brilliant! She wanted that on her cake because then "everyone will be too sad to eat the cake and it will all be for me". I like the way this girl thinks!  You can't help but laugh at her rationale and the cake turned out fantastic.

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Casey Feigh Twitter
Casey Feigh Twitter

In follow-up tweets, Casey Feigh goes on to mention the cake was made by The Thirsty Whale Bakery, which is located at 4149 N. Freemont Avenue in Minneapolis. According to their website:

The Thirsty Whale is an award winning custom bakery in Minneapolis, MN founded by nationally recognized pastry chefs Megan and Kyle Baker. The Bakers and their team create beautiful cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and a rotating variety of pastries available for curbside pickup or local delivery Thursday through Sunday every week. They also accept custom orders and are ready to take on even your toughest design challenges!

That last line certainly rings true as a cake featuring the death of Mufasa certainly is a rare custom design order, but true to their word they delivered an amazing cake for this hilarious story.

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