Menards store credit card holders will probably want to check their next monthly statement a little more closely.  According to news sources, there have been reports of a data breach specifically affecting the Menards Card - resulting in fraudulent charges and occasional closed accounts - without the card holders knowledge.

While worrisome - and, potentially problematic for some, it appears that the issuing authority on the cards is on top of the situation.  A news source is reporting that a spokesperson from Menards has publicly responded to the situation - saying the following:

"It appears that a group of traveling criminals is guessing at credit card numbers at gas pumps and when they hit upon a valid number, they are making unauthorized purchases. Capital One, the company that owns and administers the BIG Card, tells us that these are isolated incidences and that the problem has been resolved. It also appears that Federal Law Enforcement is hot on the heels of the culprits."

Either way, a closer-than-usual look at your next Menards statement might be in order.

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