Matt Graunke started in high school and wasn't athletic or particularly coordinated, so he thought he should go for music.

His parents always played music but it wasn't what he liked. He was into AC/DC, Metallica, and Pantera. He learned about music on the piano they had in the house but soon moved to the guitar.

Matt is still keeping busy with his band even though they keep their distance. They are writing and tracking some things. He hopes to have something out when they are back to work.

The Allman Brothers band is who Matt would play with, live or dead. He was very influenced by that band.

When Matt younger he remembers meeting Pepe Willie who worked with Prince. He gave Graunke a lot of advice that Matt still draws from today. According to thee Prince Vault, Pepe Willie once got into a heated discussion with Prince because he released all the old songs and called the collection "Minneapolis Genius".

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