The Voyageurs Wolf Project is located in Voyageurs National Park and its primary focus of course is the study and preservation of wolves. But with their field cameras, they capture every type of wildlife including moose. According to their Facebook page, a very rare sight was caught on video just hours ago as a mother moose was walking along with her twin calves.

They guess by the size of the calves their odds of surviving in the wild are looking pretty positive. According to the Voyageurs Wolf Project, Facebook Page "on average calves in Minnesota are born around May 11-12. According to recent research, only 34% of moose calves in Minnesota survive to reach 9 months old. 50% of calf deaths occur by mid-July and most deaths of these calves are within the first 50 days of life "

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For hooved animals like deer, caribou, and moose their young in the wild have high mortality rates in the first 1-2 months of life. This is generally when they are vulnerable to predators and other causes of death. The fact that these calves have made it past the 50-day mark is fantastic and they are well on their way to doubling those days.
Research indicates that by about 100 days, the survival rate of calves, in general, they have a pretty chance of surviving to be an adult. Since this pair has survived until September they are likely in the clear! Let's hope that wherever they are headed off to they will be left alone by humans and predators alike.

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