The Lake Superior Zoo is ecstatic with the arrival of twin baby Pygmy Slow Lorises. The babies were discovered by Bethany one of the Zookeepers on March 1. The proud parents are mom Colby who is 5 years old and dad Giorgio who is four years old and first-time parents. The zoo is happy to report that they are both doing an amazing job taking care of the new arrivals. Apparently, twin births are very common with this species.

This is very exciting because Pygmy Slow Lorises are part of the Species Survival Plan by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. There are only 44 Pygmy Slow Lorises currently in North America, two (now four!) of which are right here in Duluth! According to Lake Superior Zoo "The Lake Superior Zoo participates with several species to responsibly breed vulnerable and endangered animals in human care with a mind to genetic diversity. "

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In the wild, these animals are found in Vietnam, Laos, Eastern Cambodia, and China. They were classified as endangered in 2020 due to deforestation, hunting, and trade. The new babies are located in the primate building in the nocturnal area and the best time to get a peek at them is around 10 am and 12 noon. This is when the mama Colby is moving around and eating.

The Lake Superior Zoo will soon be running a poll on the zoo's Facebook and Instagram page to have the public help vote on a name for the twins. You can also "Adopt" the mom, dad, and baby Lorises through the zoo's website or in the gift shop. Adoption fees go directly towards the care of the animals at the zoo as well as the conservation efforts they participate in.

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