Ever get an email from a friend and it tells you they saved money, go to this site? Unbelievable savings, click here? These are emails generated from a rogue computer "gang" called the Estonians. Now, they have infected new computers and maybe yours. They re route your computer to a server to make money, now the server may go down, but I have included the fix for you.

It all started when an Estonian hacker gang allegedly installed malicious software on more than 570,000 computers. Then, when those users surfed the Web, the gang rerouted them through rogue servers to other websites in order to rake in advertising dollars.

Enter the FBI, which rounded up six Estonians last November—and realized that all those infected computers would be unable to surf the Web once the rogue servers were shut down.

So Windows users are advised to visit www.dcwg.org, which will show you whether you've been infected and guide you through a quick fix.

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