The time has passed and you might be one of the people who didn't check your computer, if so what is next?  Well, there is still a fix. I have included a few websites to go to so you can be back on the internet.

According to Reuters, U.S. Internet providers including AT&T and Time Warner Cable "have made temporary arrangements so that their customers will be able to access the Internet using the address of the rogue DNS servers." And the problem, security experts say, is relatively easy to fix.

"It's a very easy one to fix," Gunter Ollmann, vice president of research for security company Damballa, told the news service. "There are plenty of tools available."

Online security firms, Facebook and the FBI are offering free diagnostic checks for users whose computers may be infected. Here are links to several:

• Malware check: Click Here

• FBI: Click Here

• DNS Changer Working Group: Click Here

• Facebook: Click Here

• McAfee: Click Here

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