A temporary - but lengthy - closure will occur on lower Michigan Street starting Monday, April 26.  Officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation are alerting drivers to the closure related to the Twin Ports Interchange Project.  Careful readers may remember that this closure was originally scheduled to start on Monday, April 19 but a change of scheduling moved that date out.

Starting on April 26, lower Michigan Street will close from near 15th Avenue West to 23rd Avenue West.  The closure is only of a temporary basis - but it won't be ending soon; officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation report that the street will be closed to traffic until October as work crews get it ready for the next part of the project.  Once it reopens in the fall, this section of Michigan Street will be utilized through the fall of 2022 to carry southbound I-35 traffic as part of a detour.

As with any work project, the Minnesota Department of Transportation urges drivers to be observant and use caution while driving through the construction zone.  Conditions in road work zones can and often do change frequently. There is also an enhanced fine for speeding through a posted work zone in Minnesota.

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For details about this scheduled road closure, the Twin Ports Interchange/Can of Works project, or any of the road work coordinated by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, click here to visit their online portal.  That's where you'll find reliable updates on closures, work zones, and even up to the minute traffic conditions.

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