For $10 bucks you can put the books in the hands of kids in low-income families for a whole school year.

Here's how it started, Mrs. Riesland, a teacher at Myers-Wilkins school saw a facebook thing that told people that if they gave a dollar a month, or 9 $ total that teacher would buy a dollar book for a kid. So, Mrs. Riesland put it up hoping to collect enough to buy for the whole class. I thought I would take it a step forward and ask for $10 and you can donate for the kids at that school, or donate $10 for as many kids that we can raise for.

If you would like to get involved, drop off 10$ in cash or check to Myers -Wilkins school at 1027 N 8th Avenue East in Duluth, MN 55805. Tell them it is money for the free book drive. Or send a check or money order to that address and make it out to Myers-Wilkins or to Scholastic Books and address the envelope to the school and put "Free Books" on the envelope.

This whole thing is about access to books. Getting the books into the hands of kids and families that can't afford it. One thing the teachers told me is that when kids own books, they see themselves as readers. Once they get the books it establishes a reading culture. They own the books, it promotes reading to the kids and then kids reading to their parents.

61% of low-income families have no books at home. This drive is trying to change that.


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