When you think about it - we really have it easy commute-wise in the Twin Ports;  the average one-way drive to work for most of us is 20 minutes or less.  It should be easy to arrive at important destinations on time - most of the time.  That said, I think we all know of people who are chronically late for work and important appointments.

Earlier this year, Career Builder did a survey on late-for-work trends in the United States.  Their research turned up the fact that 25% of employees are late for work at least once per month and 13% suggest that it's a weekly occurrence for them.  They also asked what some of the more "creative" excuses were being used by employees who were tardy.

What are some good excuses that work in the Twin Ports - or, better said - what are some excuses for being late that only work in the Duluth-Superior area?  Click below for some ideas.

Do you have any you can add?


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