I wish these types of career exploration summer camps were offered when I was young.  Not that I don't enjoy what I'm doing now, but it certainly would have opened my eyes to other careers available.  Plus, it would have made my summers way more interesting and I may have made life long friendships!

There is no reason that a child should be sitting in front of the TV or sleep until noon every day in the summer just because school is out.  There are lots of outdoor activities that should keep them busy and when they aren't doing that there is a plethora of summer camps offered at Lake Superior College that could prepare them for a life long career.

The camps are offered in June and July which leaves August open for family vacations (or sleeping till noon).  Here's a complete list, although many of the popular camps may already be full, so make your decision and sign up soon!

Aviation Camp:  Learn about aviation and aerospace careers with a chance to operate a flight simulator and experience a “Discovery” flight in one of Lake Superior College’s aircraft.

Women In Aviation Camp:  This is for young ladies interested in learning more about aviation and aerospace careers.

Robotics Academy: Students learn how to assemble robots, using kits and onsite manufacturing tools and equipment.

Firefighting Academy:  What is the day of a firefighter like?  Students explore career opportunities in the emergency medical, safety and rescue fields.

Scrubs Camp:  This would have been my choice.  Students learn that there is more to healthcare than being a Doctor or a nurse.  They'll explore a variety of healthcare careers including nursing, laboratory science, social work and many others.

Holistic Wellness Camp:  Not only academically interesting, but they'll learn a healthy lifestyle through physical fitness, vital sign reading, nutrition, relaxation techniques, massage therapy and wilderness survival training.

CyberCamps:  There is a waiting list for this camp, but how interesting is a program sponsored by the National Science Foundation and National Security Agency to encourage youth to pursue cyber careers that are key to the cyber defense of the country.

You can feel good about these camps because your child will be in a learning environment that could very well be helping to shape their future.

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