Fans of Kayak Kolsch can rejoice! Lake Superior Brewing closed its doors earlier this year and was listed for sale. The brewer had been around since the late 1990's and is one of the oldest craft breweries in the state. Well now they are under new ownership and have moved locations to the other end of town.

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According to Perfect Duluth Day, Duhb Linn Brew pub's head brewer Seth Maxim and his wife Sarah have bought the business. They've also purchased a property to move the brewery to in Lakeside, which used to be the Xcel Xercise Fitness Center at 5324 E. Superior St. The Duluth City Council will have to sign off on any liquor licenses, building permits, and other paperwork before it becomes official. Lakeside long was considered a dry neighborhood as there was a long standing liquor sales ban in the area. Duluth residents voted to lift that ban back in 2015. If all goes through with the Maxim's plans, Lake Superior Brewing would be the first ever bar & restaurant in Lakeside.

With the new ownership and changed location also brings a different business model. Previously Lake Superior Brewing had brewed large amounts of beer that was distributed to retail stores and other bars and restaurants. Now with the move, the sales will all be focused on the new bar & restaurant creating smaller batches of beer. It appears as of now that there won't be distribution of their products.

You can read more about the story from Perfect Duluth Day. 

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