The big question this time of year is, who will win the Super Bowl. Everyone has their reasons. Some people hate one team, some have been lifelong fans, some don't care. Our KOOL Schwamee made a prediction at the beginning of the year and now says he is sticking to his guns and keeping that prediction.

Patriots vs Falcons

Some things to keep in mind, Pats are the number one defense, Falcons number one offense. When the two number ones met in 6 previous times, the defense won, except when Peyton Manning won with the Colts.

The Pats will have the white jerseys, according to history the white jerseys have won 11 of the last 12 Super Bowls.

The Patriots are favored by Las Vegas bets and by sports writers, mostly because of the the chip on Brady's shoulder for deflategate.

The opening flip of the coin has landed on heads 25 times and tails 25 times.

The Super Bowl will be in Houston one of three locations of NFL teams who have hosted the Super Bowl but never been in it. Only Cleveland has never been and never hosted.

These two teams are the two lowest penalized teams in the NFL

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Here's what the Schwamee says about the Super Bowl

Schwamee says the score will be Patriots beating the Falcons 24-16

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