Week 4 of the XFL and it's getting tough. Since there are only 8 teams they have played everyone in the league once and the NFL is still being talked about.

So, next week they start over. I'm not sure if this will work for the league or not. Here's why it is a good idea not to have so many teams. You don't have to learn a lot of teams. There are 8, so they can work small and get bigger if they want to. It allows them to see where the league may be going and who to expand to.

They are all large market teams so chances are they can at least make payroll.

Now, here's why need to work harder. People are still more interested in the NFL and the NFL has their combined going and still hogs the headlines. I have seen something about Tom Brady every day since he was knocked out of the playoffs.

Being this is the last week of playing each other once, here are the Schwamee's picks.

Los Angeles vs New York

Seattle vs St. Louis

Houston vs Dallas

DC vs Tampa Bay

His record so far 8-4

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