The KOOL Football Schwamee said the Minnesota Vikings would make it to the Super Bowl, everyone laughed, including me. So far, he doesn't look far off in that prediction. This week, he stays safe with his picks and keeps moving along with an 80% accuracy.

Here's what the KOOL Schwamee says this week:

Dallas handles business at home over Washington

The Vikings hold off a late surge from the Falcons

The Titans over the Texans

The Chiefs finally win over the Jets

The Broncos over the Dolphins

The Jaguars continue to look strong over the Colts

The Packers get a win over a lackluster looking Buccaneers

The Lions take it at the Ravens

The Bills can't beat the Patriots twice

The Bears look pretty good at home over the 49ers

The Chargers have a field day over the Browns

The Raiders embarrass the Giants without Eli Manning

Here's the only risk today, Schwamee takes Panthers over the Saints who are at home.

The Rams over the Cardinals

The Seahawks look good for a little but then Philly pounds 'em

Monday, Steelers 30-10 over the Bengals.

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