Join KOOL this Sunday, December 23rd as we play every track from Christmas By The Lake Vol 12.

KOOL 101.7 presents a special track by track play of both CDs hosted by me, Chris Allen, and a special intro to the night from Executive Producer Tracy Lundeen at 7 pm Sunday, December 23rd.

All the money goes to the Bluebird Foundation. The CD helps kids in the arts with schooling costs, instrument costs, or anything they need to stay in the arts and learn more in the form of scholarships. Tracy Lundeen says over 300 people donated their time to record, write, play, and volunteer to put this album together.

This is a chance for all the artists to hear their song on the radio rather than hope they are listening when the song plays during the day on the station. Just KOOL 101.7's way of saying this album matters and that they are doing a great thing. Also, to honor those that are a part of it.

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