Duluth Paranormal experiments with the latest gear to try and collect evidence that there might be something there, or there is definitely nothing there. While in the surgery room, they were trying to catch spirits on a ouija board and about 10-15 minutes in to the video, the camera catching something.

The way the camera works is it looks for mass. When it finds it, it maps it with a skeleton. So the theory is, if you hook it up to a computer you can find something and if it is strong enough, it will give it mass (color) and a skeleton to let you know something is there.

That's what happened. I saw something trying to appear, which you can hear me telling the rest of the group, and they don't see it. Then, it appears, a color on the table, and a skeleton later that joins the conversation. You won't believe it!

Again, I will say, it happens about 10-15 minutes in.

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