We are starting to get to the time of year they call "Dog Days", when the heat makes you do things like stick your head in the freezer. (C'mon, I'm not the only one that does that!!) Kiddie pools are a big seller and it isn't to people that have kiddies.

Throwing a party with friends, make it fun. Get about 15 rubber duckies and put numbers on the bottom, go to the dollar store and pick up some candy or other stuff that would be fun to give away. You'd be surprised how people will go nuts for a snickers!!

Take those same duckies and throw rubber ball at them count up the points and the loser takes a dip.....he he!!!

You could use it for a large Halloween Party and bob for apples.

you tube kiddie pool wrestling
you tube kiddie pool wrestling

Everyone put on their swimmies and have a Jell-O wrestling party, or add your favorite thing to wrestle in , oil, mud, there's endless posibilities!!

Anyone who has thrown a proper sports party knows, kiddie pools make the best coolers.

This one you have to use a new pool that is clean. It's fun to make punch in it and let everyone wrestle in it when you have had enough. If you spike the punch, make sure the swim suits stay on, just from experience.

Fill the pool up and have a belly flop contest. The fun part about this is you don't have to just have adults, get everyone involved, including the neighbors.

For those of you that are a little more intelectual, fill it up, get in and float while reading your nook, kindle, ipad or one of the those things called a book. Great way to imagine you are on an exotic beach without the exotic price.

Don't have a garden, why not start one in the kiddie pool. You could be that self sufficient person you read about, or the crazy neighbor that eats carrots from a kiddie pool.

Finally, let the dog cool off. They like to swim too, just don't let the cats near it, they think everything that small is to poop in.

Have fun this summer!!



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