The City of Duluth Parks and Recreation Department Division has closed Keene Creek Park and Dog Park to all users this week due to construction going on in the area.

According to Duluth Parks and Recreation, this closure includes all Keene Creek Park amenities such as the playground, dog park, skate park and basketball court due to construction and heavy equipment taking place.

If conditions allow, Keene Creek Park is expected to reopen the week of May 17. However, the same cannot be said about the partially closed dog park.

The City says the dog park will continue to remain partially closed this spring until vegetation establishes behind fencing that has been put in place. Once established, the fencing will be moved to a new location within the dog park to continue revegetation efforts.

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This announcement along with the recent announcement that portions of Lester River Trail in Duluth will be closed until June 1, and other related announcements, shows that construction and closures are not just limited to Northland roads.

While most know that a typical rain will pretty much close a trail for about 24 hours, it may seem difficult to keep up with trail conditions and park closures in the area.

Remember, Duluth Parks and Recreation does have a natural surface trails page online that provides updates.  You can access that page through the button below and you can also call the trail conditions hotline at 218-730-4321.

There is also an interactive map that allows you to access updated information on all Duluth trails, trailheads and dog parks.

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