The City of Duluth Parks and Recreation Department announced that a portion of Keene Creek Dog Park, located at Bristol Street & 63rd Ave W, will be forced to close beginning Monday, March 8 due to spring snowmelt.

According to The City, this closure includes the area of the dog park where newly seeded turf was established last year. While this area was temporarily opened to dog park users during the winter when ground conditions were snow-covered and frozen, our recent warm temperatures have led to snowmelt. Because of that snowmelt, the area will once again be closed so that the turf can stabilize and establish.

Overall, it is estimated that about a third of the large dog and all of the small dog areas will remain open. Those who frequent the park are reminded to exercise good dog park etiquette and to be mindful of the limited space available.

The City adds that park improvements at Keene Creek Park are expected to continue during 2021, which will require additional closures of the dog park later this spring. Those looking for more information on dog park closures are encouraged to call 218-730-4300.

According to, "Duluth currently has four fenced, off-leash dog parks, Keene Creek Dog Park in west Duluth and Observation Dog Park in central Duluth and Jean Duluth Dog Park in eastern Duluth and GND REC Dog Park in Gary New Duluth. All the dog parks are fenced with double gated entry areas with separate areas for small dogs, 20 pounds and under."

They also remind visitors to Keene Dog Park, Jean Duluth Dog Park and GND REC Dog Park to bring their own water as well as a bag to pick up after their dog.

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