Barker’s Island is Superior will play host to an exciting extreme sporting event this summer with the inaugural Superior Watercross Shootout, this will mark the first time an International Watercross Association or IWA event will be held in the Twin Ports.

For those unfamiliar with the sport, it is basically racing of modified snowmobiles on water and the Superior Watercross Shootout will include several heats of drag and oval racing throughout the weekend, with the final championship race’s to be held Sunday afternoon.

I was able to talk to Brian McCurdy Jr. or "Junior" and he had plenty to say on how excited he was to be coming but also what the sport is all about.

Brian (Junior) McCurdy Jr. #442

Home Town: Lindstrom, MN

Special Notes: 2010 and 2008 Pro Open Season Point Champion. 2010 Stats: Ely- 1st Place, Grantsburg- 2nd Place, Wausau- 1st Place, Hill City- 5th Place.

Classes raced: Pro Open Oval

Sled Brand: Yamaha