Jordy Nelson was going to sign a one day contract to retire as a Green Bay Packer, but then he didn't. So now what?

Does that mean he can come back? Yes, when a player signs an intent of retirement he CAN come back, but the rights to that player are with the team he retired with. He has to pass through waivers and some other red tape. So, had he retired, Green Bay would have his rights, but there is a lot of other paperwork to sign.
When he doesn't sign, that means he is a free agent and can sign anywhere, but since he was in Green Bay, could that mean that Aaron Rodgers talked to him? Is Jordy taking reps from Aaron and looking good and thinking to himself, I could do this another year!!
Here's the thing, Jordy didn't sign, and Rob Gronkowski didn't sign either. So, that means had he signed they would both have until week 13 to come out of retirement and play. Jordy is still in game shape.
What will he do? Is he still good enough to play for the Packers?

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