We have had the new law a couple of days and I still see people holding the phone thinking it's ok to talk on speakerphone.

No, that is not the answer. I still see people dialing, or using their cell phone. The new law has gone into effect and that means, you can not use your phone in any manner with your hands. You can still have it in a phone holder with your GPS app.

Some people have said, what if I don't have a hands free in my car. You can buy them in a few different models to help you.

Do you have a radio? You can find a model that can be tuned in to your radio and used that way. You speak as normal and you hear the person on the other side in the radio. There are also a few models that clip to your dash, or viser. It has it's own speaker and mic on it and works great as long as you have BlueTooth. So you flip phone people might not be able to use that.

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