He's been a musician, then a congressman, fights for the environment. He is now returning to making the music he loves to listen to. Does he hate playing the old songs, NO WAY!!!

When John left Orleans in 78 he made some solo records and moved on to politics to try to make a change.

He was elected to the Ulster County Legislature in 1989 and served one term in 1990 and '91. In the late 1990's, he was elected twice as trustee of the Saugerties NY Board of Education, where his fellow trustees elected him president. He also served as a volunteer member of the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater's board of directors before running successfully for Congress in 2006.

Now, he's back on the road to play the old music and introduce you to some new. He's back on the road and enjoying life on his terms.

I was able to talk to him before his appearance in Fortune Bay Casino July 13th.