Bed bugs are becoming a bigger problem for people and believe it or not, there are some cities that are having a bigger increase in this pest than others and some of those cities are in your back yard.

According to Terminex, Milwaukee and Sacramento have had the biggest increases in reports. Over 50% increase in reports. USA Today reported that bed bugs have become such a problem that people are ripping the sheets off in their hotel rooms and asking for fresh sheets.

Have you checked your bed, just reading this story I found myself itching and scratching.

Terminex said two things. First of all, it's not an epidemic, you don't have to think we are being infested by bed bugs. These are just the numbers turned in by cities that have a Terminex. I say, what about the cities that don't have one, where is the study that says what those cities are going through.

According to the USA Today Terminex report these are the Cities with the top number of calls related to bed bugs through May of this year:




New York


Los Angeles