Jenny might be from the block, but not the blocks she drove through for a recent Fiat commercial.  In recent commercials for the auto manufacturer, Jennifer Lopez is seen driving through the Bronx neighborhood - where she grew up.

But you'd better look again.

The Smoking Gun reports that Lopez' scenes were actually filmed in Los Angeles, and Big Block, an LA-based digital production studio, was brought in to make it appear as though J.Lo was actually driving through her hometown.

Store owners near the site where the commercial was set confirm that producers used a body-double for Lopez.

Local business people shown in the ad, including barber shop owner Eligio Cueto, confirmed "it wasn't her." TSG reports that as the Fiat and the commercial camera crew drove by his storefront, he noticed that "a double that looked like her" was behind the wheel. Shooting in one city and making it look like another is nothing new – it's done all the time in movies, television shows, and all manner of videos. But given how the commercial is written in such a personalized manner, and given how much of lightning rod the campaign has been within the advertising and marketing community, this latest development isn't likely to win the campaign any more respect.


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