Chris Sullivan has been acting and doing voice over for a few years, but no one really took notice until a talking camel showed up on a Geico commercial talking about Wednesdays. "HUMP DAY!" He says walking through the office.

Everyone sees the camel and the voice fits so well. Chris Sullivan says part of it is the writing and the lines they chose that made that commercial good. Believe it or not, they filmed the commercials first and knew what they were looking for when they fed him lines.

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Born and raised in Sacramento, he moved away to pursue his dream of acting. Chris says he got into voice acting purely by chance and says he applies a lot of the acting skills he uses on screen and stage to voice a character.

The camel was a bit easier because he could see the character ahead of time, and create the character voice. Then when the producers coached him a little they got what they wanted. See Chris's acting credits on his website here

It is one of the most shared and watched videos online. Here it is...also, enjoy a news report and interview with him.


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