Yesterday was the trading deadline, and Jared Allen was the hot topic. First of all, it surprised me that Jared Allen was on the trading block. Then I saw how much he makes and how old he is. Two things the Minnesota Vikings have always hated.

Why is it, no matter who owns the Vikings, they are always cheap and looking for a quick fix? We have lost many Viking players that are still good, because they are considered old and make too much money.

So, yesterday, Twitter went nuts, and the stories were coming from everywhere. First the big rumor was Seattle was going to deal for him. Talk around the league was they were a couple guys short of having an unstoppable defense, maybe just one. No cap space, not willing to give up prime picks. Seattle done. (Besides, I think they already took all of the guys we cast off in the last garage sale)

Round 2, Unknown team enters the picture, and bows out because word has it the Vikings want too much.

Round 3, the Denver Broncos start talking to the Vikings. They get to the 11th hour and a half hour before the deadline Denver gets out. Jared Allen will stay in Minnesota because Denver doesn't have the cap space and won't trade their high draft picks.

There was even a tweeter that had a sense of humor and said the LA Dodgers had already taken Jared Allen and absorbed his contract.

It makes me wonder, if only these teams were interested, does that mean no one has money, no one needs him, or no one wants him. Part of me thinks it was to show Jared he doesn't have any value so that the Vikings can lo ball him and get him cheaper at the end of the year.

For now, I am happy Minnesota still has him. He is one of the players who has given his heart and soul and put roots down in the state. I know it's business, but it's cold. There is no loyalty anymore.


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