Speculation much of the 2013 NFL season was that it would be Jared Allen's last with the Minnesota Vikings. News broke late last week that the defensive end wouldn't fit in new coach Mike Zimmer's scheme, and now it is confirmed that he will not be returning to Minnesota for the 2014 season.

To celebrate the exciting career of the sack-master we all came to love after the Vikings acquired him from the Kansas City Chiefs, here are five videos (in no particular order) of Jared doing what he does best.

  • 1

    Questionable Offsides Call - Drops Gabbert

  • 2

    Sacking Rodgers in the Endzone

  • 3

    Earning Franchise Sack Record (Fan Video)

  • 4

    Nabbing Future Teammate McNabb

  • 5

    One-Arming Eli Manning on MNF

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