We celebrate champions, and we should. A friend reminded me of how we should celebrate everyone.

Both of us are Women's Soccer fans. The USA Women's Soccer team lost to Canada and so ended the Gold Medal campaign. It was a fluke win for Canada, but a win nonetheless. If the USA team had won the same way we would be celebrating too, so I am not taking anything away from them.

The Women's team wound up winning the Bronze medal. One thing both my friend and I noticed is that the story was buried in the news on websites that have been featuring Olympic results. I was disappointed in that. A Bronze medal means you are the third-best in the World! IN THE WORLD!

I was reminded of when the women took second in the FIFA world cup in 2011. they worked hard that year too and lost on a penalty kick the same way they lost to Canada. Why are we less proud of the team if they take second or third? Again, they are still one of the top teams in the world.

I know this year would have been great to win for them to show the Olympic committee that they need equal pay. Would have been a great exclamation point to show them. There were also complaints they were phoning in their smaller and easier games. I didn't think so, to me, it shows maybe you play to the level you are playing. Just my opinion.

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I am still proud of the team. Now put yourself in other people's shoes. Gymnastics, track, and field, weightlifting, wrestling, baseball, volleyball, etc. To win a medal means they are one of the tops in the world at that time. They have worked hard and had to earn a spot on the team, by beating other people who are at the top in our country. Then they had to compete against people who were at the top of their country.

John Shuster won the bronze in curling and spent his time practicing for years before winning gold. Had he won gold right away, would his story have been as good as it is now? Look at the motivation he had to prove he was the best.

I look at it on a bigger level as well, what about our local kids and adults that compete. I know the Hermantown Boys Hockey team took second for a long time. They were one of the top teams in the state. How many teams are there in the state, and they were second.

Other sports and other kids every age compete and never even get that far. Yet they do their best. Why can't we be proud of all of our athletes? They try hard and work hard. I am not supporting everyone getting a trophy either. I think you appreciate the work it takes to win a trophy, and when you don't win, it should motivate you to win one. Having said that, be proud of 2nd, 3rd, or even 10th.

I ran cross country my sophomore year at Duluth Central and I spent a whole year being last or second to last and was proud that I finished the race instead of quitting. I made goals and tried to achieve them. When I did it meant so much more. Let's celebrate everyone no matter what place you take, there is always a good story behind it.

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