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It's been a brutally cold fall. We've seen temperatures in the Northland 10 to 20 degrees below average temperatures. We basically are experiencing mid to late December weather in early November. With that comes problems we normally have another month to prepare for. So, here's a list of some things parents can buy that they know they'll use all of.

Cooraby 16 Pairs Of Kids Gloves

If you have kids, you know they lose their gloves at a rate of about 3 or 4 pairs a month. This amount should get them through winter. Good luck!

12 pack of Winter Hats

The same goes for winter hats. Trust me, you'll go through all of these in the next couple of years. Then in the middle of summer they will start showing up in random places. Just buy in bulk.

Lip Balm, So Your Kids Quit Licking Their Lips

You know what kids do when their lips get dry? They lick their lips. Next thing your know you're kids have a dark circle clown chapped circle around their face. The best chance you have to prevent this is give them their own colorful lip balm, like these Starburst Party Pack. We just can't guarantee they won't eat them.

Hyland's Cold & Cough Medicine

Your kids are going to get a cold this winter. In fact, they will probably get multiple. Nothing is worse than needing some cold medicine when it bedtime or you're home alone with a sick kid. You don't want to bring them out with you because they are sick. Lots of time kids realize they are sick at the worst times. It's better to have it on hand already at home.

 Chicken Noodle Soup
This is the classic that mom would heat up in a cup for you when you were at home sick from school, watching the Price is Right. Continue the tradition of this soup broth with almost no chicken and the tiniest noodles in the world with your children.
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Pedialyte Mix Packages
Ok, let's be honest here. This is probably the worst part of kids being in school in the winter. They are exposed to the stomach bug at every turn, and it is highly contagious. It's not a matter of when your kids will get it, but when they will. Be prepared to rehydrate them after they finally can keep fluids down with pedialyte mix packages. They work great, don't take up as much space as the bottles, and can be ready in seconds. It really does work great to get your kids the electrolytes they need so they can bounce back. But, very important. Don't force your kids to drink this until their stomach settles down.





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