What is Joe Mauer doing? He suited up one more time in his old catcher's equipment and caught one pitch.

He's talking like this may be it. There are rumors that the Twins may let Paul Molitor go, and rebuild the team. Joe left the dugout and disappeared into the locker room to open his old catcher's equipment bag and put on the catcher's stuff one more time. The way the day went and the way Joe was talking, he may have played his last major league baseball game. Will the Twins bring him back? That may force his hand. Can you imagine Joe playing for any other team?

Joe Mauer says he won't take the decision lightly. It would be sad that he was never given a proper goodbye or last celebration, but is that Joe Mauer's personality. This seems like he can leave quietly and gracefully like the person he is. Joe is class and softspoken.

Seems fitting he just leaves, maybe the Twins have a Joe Mauer day and say goodbye properly, and then he gets a job doing PR or something with the public for the team.

I've always thought he was one of the perfect people to represent the Minnesota Twins, there aren't many people like him and the best part is he is from Minnesota and wanted to play for the Twins growing up.

If it is the end, goodbye Joe, Thank You!

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