Guys have had their garages and "Man Caves" for years; now, ladies have a chance to get their own space - and even win it for free - from KOOL 101.7!  We've teamed up with some great local business partners to give you a chance to win a "She Shed" of your very own!

Listen to KOOL 101.7 for the cue to call - your chance to call in and qualify for the Giveaway Party, which will be held at Lucky's 13 on Thursday, November 8.  Someone that night will go home with their very own "She Shed" - the perfect dream space to relax in, craft in, read in - whatever you choose to use it for!

What is a "She Shed"?  Ours is a fully-furnished, 12-foot by 16-foot shed from Great Lakes Stone.  It's been fully-insulated and customized by J.R. Sundberg Construction, wired for electricity by Simco Electric, beautifully-painted by Calco Painting, and decorated and glammed-up compliments of Art In The Alley.  Share Advantage Credit Union and State Farm of Duluth have also helped make this "She Shed" extra special.

You can even get a sneak-peak at what it looks like by heading to the Miller Hill Mall.  We have it set up and ready for you to check out on the walkway by Dick's Sporting Goods and DSW Footwear.  Again, the "She Shed" is 12-by-16, so it has plenty of room for whatever you want to use it for.

So - listen for the cue to call; when you hear it - be caller number 7 at 727-5665 to get qualified. Click here for complete contest rules.


She Shed


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