Another fire at the Kozy Building has wrecked this building again. Maybe it's just me but it seems like this building is dead.

I know it is historic, but no one is stepping up to save it and it has become another drain for the city of Duluth. I know there are a lot of people that want to save it, but no one wants to pay for it. It's going to collapse soon unless it's fixed and if it were to collapse on someone that would cost the city a lot of money. If this is a historic building, shouldn't we have saved it already?

Even the city of Duluth told WDIO recently that at least part of it has to go because it has become a "ticking time bomb." Former owner Eric Ringsred and local preservationist group "Respect Starts Here" is asking to save this building. Why didn't he save it? I'm not privy to everything, and somewhat ignorant of the goings-on of what it takes to own a building, but he had his chance to save it and let it go. Now he wants to save it when it's not his money. Eric, put up some money to save the building!!

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CBS3 reported the Duluth Economic Development Authority said the city could spend over $100,000 on restorations to the Kozy, why? Is that enough money to bring it back to usable, or enough to bring it back to sitting there still rotting? Will it become a bigger eyesore, or become the building people want it to be? I'm looking at it and for a long time, it has been rotting. I think the reason people want to save it is that people are in love with its past but right now it's 2-year-old cream cheese in the back of a fridge.

I am open to hearing everyone's opinion because I'm not seeing the value of saving this building. I'm only seeing a money hole that sucks the funding away from things that could help the city rather than constant repairs.

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