Sharon McMahon used to be a Government Teacher but has become famous lately by just publishing facts on her Instagram site.

So many times there have been lies and misinformation put out on the media. Sometimes it has been politically motivated, sometimes used to explain an error someone made, or a company trying to sell a product. That's where Sharon McMahon steps in.  The Instagram site called SharonSaysSo, and it separates fact from conspiracy and breaks down the difference between a lie and bias.

Nearly every day, she posts a question box on her @sharonsaysso Instagram, opening the floor for anyone's questions about current events or the United States government. She doesn't pull any punches, she posts only the truth and has built her reputation on it. She always reminds people that the facts are just that and don't need the approval of anyone.

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McMahon says on the Daily Show she has to really research both sides of the argument in order to be fair and posts what is the truth, not what has been published by each side. Her hope she tells Trevor Noah below is that people fight about how they feel about the FACTS not what they think the facts are.

Right now her page has 550,000 followers, and will soon grow after her appearances on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, and CNN. In the interview below she says, people really want the facts again and come to her with any questions about the world they live in. She hopes it inspires people to look up the facts for themselves and start to educate themselves on topics that affect their lives.

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