The Navy had said back in the fall that the USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul was getting commissioned in May of 2021 here in Duluth. Today they issued a statement that the event has been put on hold.

The Navy went on to say in their statement that the ship is unavailable. Nothing to do with COVID. Hard to believe in these times that something is being put on hold because of another reason.

The USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul has a Freedom-class design defect. The Navy said it has to do with the bearings in the combining gear's high-speed clutch. It affects all the ships in production so they said it is something they are pursuing a fix for all the ships being built in the fleet. The Navy went on to say in the press release that once it finds the fix it will contact Duluth, Minneapolis, and Saint Paul to set a new commissioning date.

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It would be the first time a ship was commissioned in Minnesota, so the event was big for the state, not to mention the city of Duluth. Brian Skon, Chairman of the USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul, said in the statement that it will give them time to create a public event that will properly celebrate the ship.

The ship will continue to be in Mayport, Florida. The shipbuilder, Fincantieri Marinette Marine Shipyard still has to complete the engine, other inside power, and machinery. They have to finish the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. Once they get the fix for the ship they will start to install furniture as well.

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